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29 Nov

Menopause Featured

Top Treated Conditions - Menopause Top Treated Conditions - Menopause

I prescribe herbal medicine specific to each individual and their symptoms and support the body through the menopause. Herbal medicine and the menopause are made for each other - in my experience they work so well.

"I can't even remember my last hot flush... it's wonderful" Sue Ford, Leamington Spa

Generally speaking the menopause is viewed negatively by our society. The womb, once childbearing is done, is seen as redundant, and sometimes removed.

The holistic view of menopause is positive: it is not a disease, but a natural transition. We understand and look at the whole being, as well as the physical body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there is an energetic channel said to directly link the uterus and the heart. The heart, in TCM is said to house the mind, explaining why psychological factors such as stress can affect menstruation and why gynaecological interference can have such a dramatic effect on the psyche.

Herbal medicine, dietary change and food supplements can make the menopause manageable. The correctly chosen herbs can support a womans’ body through the natural transition, reducing symptoms and allowing them to enjoy the menopause for what it is: a milestone in life – like beginning of your periods was the rise to womanhood, the menopause is another milestone embracing the mature self.

"I'm amazed... it's wonderful, such a lovely feeling."
Sue Ford, Leamington Spa

“I am so very grateful to Sara.”
Mary Scarle, Warwickshire

Some tips for reducing menopausal symptoms:
Exercise: 30 minutes three times a week – the endorphins produced help reduce hot flushes Reduce caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods – a common hot flush trigger

Eat regularly to balance your blood sugar (link to handout). This will reduce stress, improve energy and moderate weight gain.

Learn to meditate (link to workshop/ one-to-one appointment)

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Sara Southgate

I am a naturopath and herbalist, with a decade's experience of working with natural remedies. I am a member of the United Register of Herbal Practitioners (URHP) and complete regular Continual Professional Development courses.

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