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Sara Southgate

Sara Southgate

I am a naturopath and herbalist, with a decade's experience of working with natural remedies. I am a member of the United Register of Herbal Practitioners (URHP) and complete regular Continual Professional Development courses.

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03 Feb

Twelve Steps to Improving Liver Function

Friday, 03 February 2012
Published in Sara's Blog 2012

Twelve Steps to Improving Liver Function 

  • 1. Listen to your body – eat when hungry and stop when full. Otherwise you’ll overburden your system.
  • 2. Drink AT LEAST 1.5-2litres of water daily (think how your plants look when they’re dehydrated and transfer this image to every cell of your body). Water cleanses the liver and kidneys.

Thursday 2nd February, 2012 at Bay Tree Cottage Workshops 9.30-12.00

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26 Jan

General Clinic

Thursday, 26 January 2012
Published in I can help with

I run a general clinic, with patients ranging in age from 3 weeks to 87 years, and conditions varying from bronchiectasis to arthritis, stress, eczema, IBS, fatigue and menstrual problems.

You don't need a diagnosis from your doctor to come and see me, but any test results you have may help in unravelling your health story.

I can help with

  • Stress
    Written by
    Stress The human stress response is designed for fight or flight. Both are physical actions: fighting or running, and nature enabled us to survive acutely stressful situations by diverting all the body’s resources into survival:
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  • Recurrent Infections
    Written by
    I see an awful lot of people of all ages who suffer from recurrent infections - be it chest infections or coughs and colds that just won't go away. Building immunity is something that naturopathic medicine does extremely well. It is about strengthening the immune system so it can fight back itself -…
    Read 4822 times
  • Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond...
    Written by
    Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond... Part of the Warwickshire Pregnancy and Birth Network, and a mother to two young children herself, Sara has a special interest in supporting you preconceptually, and then through your pregnancy, your birth and beyond - for a healthy childhood.
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Sara works from home in central Leamington - to make an appointment please contact me on the numbers above.

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