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Case Studies

Case Studies (5)

Jane was 50 and came to me after her doctor recommended a hysterectomy for her heavy and painful menstruation. Her situation was serious: she had been bleeding continuously for three months. During her periods, she bled so heavily she could not be away from her home for even one hour, or sleep through the night.


Annabel was diagnosed with IBS after being hospitalised with crippling pain, aged 31. She experienced constipation or explosive diarrhoea. Her energy was low, she had very painful periods, was low emotionally, and very stressed. She had regular panic attacks.


Amy came to see me when she was 43, with a long history of headaches and fatigue. She was also concerned she wasn't eating the right things. She experienced weekly headaches, and migraine headaches fortnightly, sometimes vomiting throughout the night. She was exhausted and rated her energy levels 4 out of 10.

23 Jan


James, aged 2 had eczema in his knee and elbow creases since he was 18 months old. It was dry, flaky and very red, with deep cracks. His parents had used Hydrocortisone cream, which did clear it, but it kept returning when they stopped.


John, aged 59 was hospitalised with septicaemia three months before he came to me. He was not sleeping well and was suffering from headaches. His energy levels were depleted and his doctor advised him it would take years to make a full recovery. With a herbal prescription and a food supplement, John was “feeling great” after four months of treatment, the headaches were gone, and his stamina had returned. The next month saw his energy levels higher than before the septicaemia and his sleep normalised.


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