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23 Jan

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Annabel was diagnosed with IBS after being hospitalised with crippling pain, aged 31. She experienced constipation or explosive diarrhoea. Her energy was low, she had very painful periods, was low emotionally, and very stressed. She had regular panic attacks.

I suggested some dietary changes, gave her a herbal tincture, and some flower remedies, together with breathing exercises and affirmations.

A month later, she said she was “much, much better”. She was stronger emotionally, more energetic and had had no diarrhoea at all. Her period pain had been manageable.

At our next meeting, Annabel said she was coping really well. She described her last period as “fantastic, really easy”, she had not had a single panic attack and she was having a good bowel movement every day.

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Sara Southgate

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