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Naturopathy Treatment

As a naturopathic health practitioner, I work on the premise that your body will heal itself, given the right circumstances: what I do is guide it in the right direction.

What you need:

Herbal medicine, Nutrition advice, Flower essences, Lifestyle practices such as meditation, relaxation techniques, or food supplements.

I take into account the physical, mental and emotional aspects of everyone I see, and also use iridology, Chinese tongue diagnosis and a thorough case history in my assessment. Each initial appointment for naturopathy treatment lasts one hour; follow-ups last 30 minutes.

For more information about my experience as a naturopathic health practitioner and to see if the naturopathy treatments I use could help you, please email me or call me now on 07773 392 449

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mobile: 07773 392 449
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Sara works from home in central Leamington - to make an appointment please contact me on the numbers above.

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